How to Assign an Option Agreement

As a professional, I am going to write an article on “How to Assign an Option Agreement” – one of the most common and important legal documents in the business industry. It is crucial to know how to assign an option agreement to avoid any legal disputes and safeguard your business interests.

What is an Option Agreement?

An option agreement is a legal document that provides the right to an individual or entity to purchase or sell a property or asset at a predetermined price within a specified time frame. This agreement is often used for real estate transactions but can also be used in any industry where a business interest or asset is being transferred.

Why Assign an Option Agreement?

Assigning an option agreement allows the transfer of rights and obligations of the original contract to another individual or entity. This is done to either transfer ownership or responsibility for the asset or to gain a return on the investment by selling the option agreement. The assignee of the option agreement will take on the original obligations, such as the payment of any deposits, fees, or taxes, and the completion of any necessary inspections or due diligence.

How to Assign an Option Agreement?

To assign an option agreement, you must first review the original agreement to ensure there are no restrictions on assignment. If the agreement permits assignment, you will need to draft an assignment agreement outlining the terms of the transfer. This document should include the details of the original option agreement, such as the property or asset, the purchase price, and the expiration date. The agreement should also state the consideration being paid for the assignment, which is typically a fee or percentage of the option price.

Once the assignment agreement has been drafted, it needs to be signed by both the assignor and the assignee. Depending on the original agreement, it may also need to be witnessed or notarized. Once the assignment has been completed, the assignee becomes the new holder of the option agreement and will be responsible for all obligations outlined in the original agreement.


Assigning an option agreement is a crucial step in the transfer of ownership or investment in any asset or business interest. It is essential to review the original agreement and draft an assignment agreement to ensure all parties are protected and all obligations are met. Follow these steps to assign an option agreement effectively and efficiently, and safeguard your business interests.

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